About Us

Supply Chain Solutions Designed to Keep Up With Operational & Industrial Requirements

Noxx was formed by a group of work colleagues which extensive experience within the Australia Supply Chain & Enterprise Solutions sectors. The teams goal was to leverage off of their skill set & knowledge to develop customised in-house Supply Chain solutions to enhance efficiency, control & compliance for Operational sites.

Our Vision

Consistently customise our solutions to meet customer requirement, industry changes & technological advancement.

Our Mission

To provide a lean solution for Supply Chains to enhance operational control whilst providing adherence to quality & legislative requirements.

Noxx  Solutions Save Time and Money

We pride ourselves on providing cost effective solutions that challenge the status quo. Our skilled team utilise multi-disciplinary teams from across the world to fully customise to our customers specific needs and industry requirements. Through integrated Supply Chain solutions, Noxx drives sustainable competitive advantages to some of Australia’s largest companies.

Licence Plate Recognition

NOXX ANPR at all entry and exit points. Three layer verification software utilised to ensure 99.9% accuracy.

24/7 Support Services

Here at Noxx we have support and technical staff ready to help 24/7. Via Phone, Email and Online Chat portal.

Improving with Technology

Streamlined warehouse operations with advanced technology to boost efficiency, reduce costs & enhance productivity to keep businesses competitive.

Professional Team

Noxx is an Australian based solutions specialist enterprise.

It’s composed of Supply Chain & IT gurus who create unique Supply Chain solutions.