Noxx ANPR Yard Management System

Providing ultimate visibility, control & compliance by utilising Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, driver kiosks and a dynamic live online portal.

The core of any warehousing facility is the management of people, processes & assets.

All well-established warehouses will utilise Warehouse Management Systems (WMS’s) by way of establishing control over these three factors. However, these traditional systems lack the ability to see and manage what’s happening outside of the actual warehouse.

Any experienced Warehouse Manager will know the effective management of their yard will be the difference between their site functioning effectively or not.

This is where the Noxx ANPR Yard Management System provides visibility and control like never before. By utilising Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras our system provides you with a live and historic vehicle log for your site.

We compliment this further by utilising dynamic driver/operational kiosks & tablets to digitise all paper-based documents drivers would typically fill out manually (for example: CoR Driver Declarations, Inductions, Pallet forms). We then use an online portal & site display screens to provide your team with a live view of your yard for ultimate control.

Licence Plate Recognition

NOXX ANPR at all entry and exit points. Three layer verification software utilised to ensure 99.9% accuracy.

Noxx Hardware Structure

Specialised hardware designed to run day/night, 24/7 and in any weather condition. Utilizing backup UPS and 4g.

Link Multiple Locations

Our advanced warehouse link add-on can monitor and track freight to and from multiple locations.

Instant Notifications

Alerts are built into Noxx software to ensure all non-conformances are automatically alerted to management for added compliance control.