We have a feature rick onsite, web & mobile application for you to manage, monitor & automate site inductions.

The Noxx Swift Induction Kiosk offers a contactless induction experience for visitors/personnel to your site.
Take the stress away from managing the flow of personnel to your site by way of:

  • Contactless Inductions
  • Visitor ID Generation
  • Customisable/Dynamic Induction
  • Questionnaires
  • Smart Content Upload
  • Visitor Arrival Notifications
  • Structured Compliance
  • Automated Induction Renewals
  • Contractor Management portal
If you’d like to see the system in action please reach out for a demo.

Forget Paper Forms

Interactive touch screen kiosks for (CoR) driver declaration and driver induction forms. Save time and paper!

Software Flexibility For (CoR)

Driver declaration & induction forms are customizable by a super user for easy implementation.

Noxx Hardware Structure

Specialised hardware designed to run day/night, 24/7 and in any weather condition. Utilizing backup UPS and 4g.