Simplify dock bookings by using an online portal for each of your sites. No more phone calls, email or excel trackers to manage bookings.

For too long sites have been managing truck bookings from an excel tracker based on carrier phone calls & emails. This creates unneeded waste and headaches. The Noxx online truck booking system allows your site to have a dedicated URL for carriers to book into. With our dynamic setup we customise the booking requirements field, time slotting parameters (docks/turnaround times) & appearance to give you a tailored booking portal.

If you’d like to see the system in action please reach out for a demo.

24/7 Hours Support

Here at Noxx we have support and technical staff ready to help 24/7. Via Phone, Email and Online Chat portal.

Noxx Hardware Structure

Specialised hardware designed to run day/night, 24/7 and in any weather condition. Utilizing backup UPS and 4g.

Link Multiple Locations

Our advanced warehouse link add-on can monitor and track freight to and from multiple locations.