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Noxx ANRP Yard Management System

Providing ultimate visibility, control & compliance by utilising Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras, driver kiosks and a dynamic live online portal.

Noxx Dock Booking System

Say goodbye to excel trackers to manage bookings for tracking carrier phone calls and emails. Simplify dock bookings by using our custom online portal for each of your sites.

Noxx AutoFile

Save countless admin hours while provider greater accuracy with our AutoFile solution, using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to read, sort & store thousands of documents every minute.

Noxx Swift Induct System

Take the stress away of managing the flow of personnel to your site with The Noxx Swift Induction Kiosk. A contactless induction experience for visitors/personnel to your site.

Online Portal

Online Access

From any computer for live data for: vehicles on-site, vehicle throughput, turnaround times & driver compliance to CoR forms.

Reporting and Data

Reporting functionality for all historical data to review trends and patterns.

Search Functionality

Ability to search, review & export any completed CoR forms & driver inductions.

Localised Server

Guaranteed Uptime

Creation of an internal network running off of a custom Noxx server & standalone 4G internet to guarantee uptime.

Data Back Ups

Data pushed to web hosted server to back up all data & information.

High Security Protocols

Due to standalone system set up no internal customer system integration is required to ensure a high security protocol is maintain.

Additional Features

Approved Vehicles

Whitelist to disclude approved vehicles from throughput data & CoR forms requirement (eg staff cars, lunch trucks).

Automated Alarms

Blacklist to send automated alarms to site leadership of banned vehicles and drivers when they enter sites.

Custom Reporting

Reporting functionality for current and historical visitors on site for increased visibility.

Super User Access

Superuser access for subject matter experts to customise CoR declaration & driver induction questions.

Pallet Control

Pallet control functionality within CoR declaration to track & control pallets/asset leaving and entering site.

Auto Email/SMS Notifications

Automated team member notifications via text/email when visitors arrive to site.

Upcoming Solutions

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be difficult when you have limited visibility of their current and historical locations. Noxx offers an installation and hosting service for vehicle tracking that utilises GPS technology to give you peace of mind.

GPS Hardware

Hardwired into your fleet to ensure constant power to keep device active even with the vehicle is not being utilised/operated.

Tracking ability throughout Australia with the most up to date maps and position targeting to ensure accurate location is tracked and visible.

GPS Tracking Dashboard

Live & historical tracking of all assets equipped with Noxx GPS hardware.

Reporting functionality for driving & stationary times to assist in fleet management.